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It could be your foam has fallen.

I pulled off my seat cover today before replacing the cracked side panel, and there was a depression in the foam just inboard of the center of the seat cushion. Under two layers and types of foam was the entry hole for the cooled & heated air. Because a section of the foam support for the air channels coming out from the hole had collapsed, air flow was restricted. This may be why my cooler quits after a few hours on long trips.

I cut a one inch cube out of the firm packing foam from my laptop's box and stuck it where the support should have been (of course, I'd ripped the thin lower layer feeling around for the channels, so it was easy to place). Then I topped it with a 3x4.5 double layer of thin corrugated cardboard under the soft upper foam. Also inserted a short piece of narrow garden hose to keep the channel to the outboard side of the seat open.

I also stuck a quadruple layer of thin foam sheets (sleeves for packing glassware) under the back part of the seat so the side bolsters won't dig into my haunches so much. I haven't glued anything in place yet, but a test drive this afternoon seemed promising: plenty of cooling but no pinched buttocks. The added foam aft may be why I couldn't feel the cardboard.

The fan for my seat heater runs intermittently, about 2 seconds at a time, unlike the cooler. Is that normal?

It amazes me how complex these seats are. No wonder they don't change designs very often.
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