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If you Like SiriusXM Internet Radio

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It has always worked with the CTS radio but now with the new release of the Internet Player App the current item being played is shown in the audio display on radio or on steering wheel. In the past, IR worked but you didnt see the song changes displayed. Now with the new release, the current song and info is shown as it should in the Audio display - on the radio or if you have it showing on the DIC using the steering wheel display buttons. The made a lot of changes to the application to improve overall use.
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Which version of the app are you using? I discovered that it works amazingly well with my Blackberry showing the songs and other info. Even the AD data during commercials. One other advantage is that I can go back and replay when I use the app. I can't tell the difference with the sound when I switch back and forth between SAT and the app but with the app I can go underground I don't lose signal.
New version for IOS is Version 3.0.29 - just came out within last few days. Each song along with artwork displays. I mainly listen to Cinemagic. Love movie scores.
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