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1998 Eldorado
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Hey guys,

Guess I'm not the only one with rough idle problems, but I'm trying find a simple solution to this problem with my '98 Eldorado:

When cold-starting the car, the engine idles extremely rough, to the point where the whole car shakes back and forth. After about 30 seconds, the engine RPM's will shoot up to about 1500, the car will stop shaking, and the check engine light comes on. When pulling the codes, I get PCM P0101...mass air flow performance? Once the car is warm, I can clear the code without it coming back, but if the car hasn't been running for awhile, I'll clear the code, the car will die, I'll start it back up and the check engine light will still be on.

Why would the car surge in RPM's so suddenly, why does it idle rough, why does life happen the way it does?? Any cheap and quick solutions? Already changed plugs, wires, air filter...fuel filter is next on my list.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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