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I would like to get some new rims.

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Mine are ugly. Are they factory?

I don't like fancy. But I don't like these either.

What size are my rims? Cause I'm too lazy to investigate on my own...

Can you post some pictures of your rims? So I can get a good idea as to what I like & what I don't?
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Yes,they should be original .Ironically,I think you're kinda lucky too .Because I saw some '94 STSs without polished rims .
Well, I think '95 STS rims look the best .
The sizes are 225 60 R 16 as I recall .
i've got the same wheels minus the chrome/alloy/whatever that is finish. i too dislike them very much.

unfortunately i have bigger problems with the car, otherwise i would have thrown 20's on it the day i bought it.
If you want some ideas of Sevilles with wheels, go to and browse around there. A really high percentage of them are modded at least with wheel upgrades.
how about these. they mount on the exact same time as well and i think make the car look quite nice.
I to had those same rims but not chrome. they were a dull alu.

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I would go for a set of chrome 1998-2004 STS 16X7" wide rims... They are the best looking wheels for those cars. They will fit.

The rims on your Caddy are the stock polished SLS wheels for that year model. they are also 16 inch diameter by 7 inches wide.

Check eBay. There's some good deals one those from time to time.
Yes, ebay would be a good choice .
You can contact cardio-doc on ebay
stock sts 7 spoke they look good ride good and wont screwup your suspension, speedo, alignment, and many other parts like 20" aftermarkets will.
I have a 2002 STS with 17" but I'm pretty sure not chome, unless it is really tarnished chrome. Not that it matters too much I suppose if I want to throw some aftermarket rims on it.

I was at first thinking of 20's because I know the car can 'handle' it but after reading more on the forum I am thinking against it. Rather than going up, I am thinking of going down..... I can get my hands on some cheap 16" Daytons... How would 16" rims be on this car? Is going down just as bad as going up in size? Or would 16's be essentially the same as 17?

The 92-94 polished STS wheel is my favorite for those 97-97 Sevilles, for whatever reason, I like them a lot more than the 96-97 STS wheels.
here is a pic of my 98 i went to 18's and i love them they work wonderful no change in the ride at all


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