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I would like to add a remote starter...

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to my 1997 eldorado..
anyone know of a good brand/model that I could use ?
maybe something another eldorado user has already tried ???

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my only advice is have a professional do it, who also backs their work. I have one installed in my convertible which I used to drive year round. what i have noticed since I got it is the battery dies a lot faster if it sits for a long while without being driven.

I also bought my starter off ebay.
I used to have a Clifford one on my old car, worked a treat!
I agree, have it professionally done. What are they nowadays like $150 installed?? Thats well worth the price, i hooked up just the door locks on my eldo since i had no keyless entry, and didnt even think about hooking up the starter part. I would also have had to order a key box and a new key with the chip in it to make it work. I hooked up about ten wires for keyless entry, there was another like 25 wires for the starter part. Forget that crap. It already took me about an hour or more for just the door locks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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