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2002 Seville STS
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Found the CD player- deck on ebay.

What else would I need? the AMP? Speakers?

I have a 2002 SLS Seville... Can someone help me with what part numbers I need to upgrade to the factory BOSE system.

I think piecing it together would be a lot cheaper than buying direct from a dealer... ????

please help

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Upgrading to bose it very iinvolved.. I did it on my 94 first have to know the wiring ... I suggest that you get the wiring diagrams for the non-bose and bose models for your year.. figure out what you need (speakers, amps, wiring harness, cdm box) as all these are different in the non-bose models..
I was lucky I was able to find a few in the junk yard and dissected out all the wires, parts, diodes, and grounds.. then had to wire it to the max fuses that are under the hood... my car was appart for weeks.. but it was worth it.
hope this helps

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wmmsbo said:
But I wanna maintain the factory look, and I want the RDS.

Plus... I wanna make sure that my onstar, chimes, and steering wheel operational switches still work...
They do have some inserts that will make it "almost" look factory, if you get something else.

They also have wiring to allow the chimes to work through the speakers (don't ask me where I saw it, but this place online had a lot of adapters for iPods, and other stuff, that you could "splice in").

Regarding the BOSE, I like the way it sounds... I'm sold on it vs stock. The thing about BOSE is they strive for "natural" sound. No artificial base boost or whatever... The low tones are low and powerful enough to feel them, but not loud enough to be heard outside of the car, or to loosen panels and create annoying sounds.

Bose actually designs the sound to the car (the enclosure), and that's why you can't purchase a Bose car radio... they just don't make it.

If you purchase the stuff, you will have to get someone to reprogram it, because of theftlock. The VIN must match. You will need new wiring, and I'm afraid only GM and perhaps the service manual [to a limited extent] can help there.

Good luck!

Edit: the number of speakers will be different (as will the type of speaker) and I believe each speaker comes with its own amp--it won't be an easy project, unfortunately.

Edit: the wiring to keep the chimes and Onstar, is for "GM cars" so that should help you find it, hopefully.

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hey i kno all the bose speaker sizes if this helps
3 2 inch speakers mounted in the dash pad
2 7 inch woofer speakers in the front doors
2 6 1/2 inch speakers in the rear doors
1 10 inch subwoofer mounted in the rear deck

I also know unlike pre 98 Sevilles 98 on up uses one major amp in the trunk rather than a mini amp for each speaker
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