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I posted this in another thread about this same topic, but I'll repeat it here.

How much does it cost a year to run this site?

I run a site with the exact same purpose as this site. a place for Chrylser Sebring Convertible owners to come together to share knowledge and information about the car. to help each other trouble shoot problems and do mods. I have a photo gallery for users to post their pictures of the cars, etc. Avatars AND signatures are all allowed.

We have ZERO ads. I pay for the site yearly by donations. About one month before the bill is due I make a posting and ask for donations. I have only ONCE come up short in donations to break even on the bill.

I don't see why all the ads are necessary here. I can do it for my site, and if i can help out here I would but I cannot justify $60 for 6 months or a year to be a site supporter here. Most of my members do donations of $12 ($1 per month to $20) some even more if the site has been especially helpful to them.

just my $.02 worth. I hope I have not offended anyone.
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