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I Think They're Serious.

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I need to stab someone right about now.
I don't even have a comment.
Doesnt look too hard to cut off and repair.
I can see at least two of the many new added parts. God only know what extra parts they have they didn't put on. What were they thinking?
God I hope it is ONLY one of a kind ... ... :vomit:
This is quite possibly the worst thing i've ever seen. My god.
What the hell happened? It's like a genetic experiment gone wrong or something. Like in a video game, once you enter the lab all these disfigured and ugly humanoid things come attacking you; that's what that car is! I wouldn't even come near that car...holy cow.
This is why I feel I should have the authority to confiscate keys.....
Looks like all they did was weld exhaust fan housings over the headlights. Which begs the question: why? The car now looks like it's wearing outsized glasses.
just nuttin but terrible
Sorry, maybe this link will work better:"]
I just got done having a very heated argument with the owner/designer of this car (mostly over the fact that I didn't appreciate the him advertising it on my Cardomain page). During the conversation he belittled my car (of which is the same model and year as his) saying it was only worth $1500, and then, in the same message, bragged that he charges $9,000 plus for that disgrace.
IMHO, this proves money can not buy good taste.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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