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I Think I need a Power Window Motor

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When I first got my 97 STS I had a couple of problems with the windows.

First, the drivers window worked fine but when rolled up it would make a grinding noise when it reached the top if I didn't let go of the switch right away. Now the window won't do anything. No up, down and no grinding noise. Do I just need a new motor or do I need a regulator or something?

The other problem is from the drivers side I can roll the passengers window down but not up. The passengers side switch will roll it up. Probably just need to clean the drivers side switches right?

Thanks in advance.
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PROBABLY, i would pull the door panel and check the windows out, i had a 90 that had a footbal plastic piece that broke but that was 7 years before your car and hopefully they changed that design so i dont have to do it in my 98 deville.
I have been searching this same exact issue, and was relieved when I found your post, until I saw no resolution. Did you end up solving this issue? If so was it indeed the motor that had failed?
I never did solve it. I ended up selling the car, it had many more issues.
Thanks for responding, I had the identical symptoms you described. I just replaced the motor, and it solved my issue.
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