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I think I need a distributor 89 Deville 4.5

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I am still dealing with my hesitation problem and a mechanic says maybe the distributor needs replacement. Anyone out there have a 89 Deville 4.5 litre used distributor laying around???
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Sounds like a parts swapping mission to me.......

The "distributor" is likely fine. The spark advance is controlled purely by the engine controller (electronically) so the moving parts in the distributor that used to wear out and cause driveability problems are just not in there anymore. If the cap is carbon tracked it could cause some problems....just replace the cap. If the distributor drive gear is worn it could indicate some other problems and replacing just the gear would suffice. He really needs to diagnose the root cause of the problem and fix that, not just replace (expensive) parts.
I read thru some of your other posts.

Lets start from scratch. I assume it is still idling poorly and hesitating when you drive away...???

Did you check the fuel pressure at the pressure tap on the inlet fuel line at the throttle body?? It should hold a constant 10 PSI even when you tip into the throttle when it hesitates. If the fuel pressure drops when you tip in and it hesitates there may be a fuel pump problem or fuel pressure regulator problem.

What about checking the distributor reference setting (ignition timing) with a timing light to make sure it is at 10 degrees and working correctly.?

What about simple things like spark plugs and plug wires? Despite the relatively low miles there is a lot of age on the parts and the plugs could be fouled from short trip driving and/or wires could be bad.

I would check a lot of the basic stuff before starting to replace the distributor.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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