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I screwed up bad.. please help!

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I let my car run out of gas. :thepan: I was driving when it just died. 99 Eldorado TC. I put gas in it (6 gallons total). It just won't start. It keeps turning over like it would normally start, but never does. Please don't tell me I fried my Fuel pump! Could my filter be clogged? I've got access to an auto craft shop and all the tools that I may need. I just don't have very much experience. Where is my fuel filter? Where is my Fuel pump and how do I get to it? Would I have to exchange the entire pump? :bonkers: I changed the battery and check the fuses, they're all good. I need some options. I need help. :helpless:
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Take off your air intake spray some starting fluid in the throttle body then try starting it. More than likely it will start then. Shut it off and then try to start it on its own power good luck!!!
When you turn on your ignition b4 starting you should hear the whine from the fuel pump trying to pump gas also the throttle body spray should help it start:cool2:
eagleworks4u said:
When you turn on your ignition b4 starting you should hear the whine from the fuel pump trying to pump gas.
Do you hear the fuel pump? If you do, the pump should be ok. The pump is in the tank. You might be able to find an access panel in the trunk under the spare tire. Your fuel filter is under the driver's side, after the door, but before the rear tire.
When you turn the key on, the pump runs to pressurize the fuel system. It will shut off if the engine is not cranked in 2-3 seconds. As mentioned, if you put your ear to the open filler pipe you should clearly hear the pump run when someone turns the key on. Cycle the key on for 3 seconds, then off and back on for 3 seconds 3-4 times. That should be more than enough to get fuel through the system (actually once should do it).

If you do not hear the pump running, check the fuel pump relay.

The access panel for the pump, should you need it, is forward of the spare tire (between the spare and the rear seat back) on the right (passenger) side.
before you start removing hoses etc... try stepping on the gas pedal about
1/3 of the way down and try to start it. That should do the trick

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