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I dont know where to go next
I had my valve cover gaskets replaced 3 months ago(supposably) and my car has been running bad, sputtering when i accelerate from like 55+ and up like its starving. I poped the coil packs off and 1 side was Completely full of oil. I took it back in under waranty chewed em out and made them fix it, but its still running bad, like its misfiring or not gettin gas for breaf spurts, it seems to run better with a a tecron addative but then worsens again after the tank. I dont get any codes coming up regarding it. I have also had a new mass air flow sensor installed.Im not sure what it could be.?......ignition coil packs, o2 sensors, fuel pressure???????????? and how do I check something not giving me a code? any replies are greatly appreciated
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