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I would like to know the steps on how to change the water pump anand what I will need to do it

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Welcome to CF !!!

Look through the Seville and Deville forums. Many threads on the water pump.

Google "cadillac forums 2000 2003 northstar water pump replacement".

Standard hand tools (metric) and the special water pump socket - either rent one from a parts store and hope you get a good one or buy it - the good ones cost $60 - $100.

Several hoop to jump through - and change the water pump belt tensioner pulley while you're in there.

Thermostat and cover diagram.gif
Water crossover assembled.gif
water pump capsule.jpg
water pump drive pulleys.gif
Water pump socket gif.jpg
Water pump socket-strap.gif
Water pump tensioner pulley.jpg
Pulley and tensioner (Notes).JPG
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