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I need part number confusion / install help - 2000 DeVille

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Hey guys, I am trying to get the replacement part for this:

I got this illustration from which seems to indicate that I can buy just the wreaths (23), which is the only broken part. I called my local dealer and was told it is only sold as one piece (21) ....can someone please clarify for me if it is sold seperately, and if so what the part number is?

Also, how do you replace the ornament? I've been staring at the thing for a half hour and I have no idea.

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I think the source of your confusion is that there are three different parts here for two different applications in the parts callout you posted.

22 and 23 are the wreath and crest emblem for use on the grille. This is used ONLY on the 2000-2005 DTS (never on the Deville or DHS) as the DTS does not have a hood ornament, but rather an emblem on the grille.

21 is the hood ornament, this is used only on the 2000-2005 Deville and DHS (never on the DTS).

Thus, you need the part shown as number 21 in the diagram. 23 is just a wreath, with pins on the back to mount to the center of the grille, and cannot be used as part of a hood ornament which is a one piece assembly with the base, and crest.

Order the part shown as 21 in the diagram and you'll be back in business.

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Kdirk right!

As for installing , I bet theres a nut under the hood.....can you see whats up down in there?
Methinks the 2000-2005 hood ornament design is a press-fit, not threaded/nut type mounting. At least I think I read that in a post somewhere here before, long time ago. Not that it makes muich difference except the threaded ones are a bit more secure.

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