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75 Sedan DeVille, 83 Sedan DeVille
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Hi guys!
On Saturday, November 5th, and about 5:30PM, my date and I would love a one way 12 mile ride in Cadillac style in a CTS.
Why then? Why a CTS? Well, its a date night no doubt, she loves the CTS shape/style, and it would be a surprise for her.
As for me, I've owned 2 Cadillacs before. I used to own a very nice 75 Sedan DeVille back in the late 80's, (I really miss it), and I had an 83 Sedan DeVille (I don't miss so much). I used to bracket race, and do car shows, so I have an appreciation for performance and style.

So please, someone get in touch. I will compensate you by either filling your tank, or pay for a wash n vac, or a nice Starbucks gift card! LOL

If you are from/near STL and you got something nice or cool that isn't a CTS, like a limo, custom, or classic, that would be nice too.

Thank you so much!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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