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Yes as weird as it sound im looking for a trailer hitch setup for the caddy. ... So my questiion is, are there companies that sell a setup for this? .
Yep there is. Well, I had a hitch put on my '93 STS and I know a guy with a '94 Eldo that had a hitch put on. I called a shop in San Diego that specialized in installing trailer hitches. He looked in a book, said there was a hitch for it so I got it an had it installed. I think it was a DrawTight brand hitch. In '98 it cost about $230 for the hitch and installation if I remember correctly (that included wiring for trailer lights.).

It installs real nice in that you have to literally squat down in back of your car to even see there is a hitch mounted (unless you keep the ball-mount inserted into the hitch).

Warn the installer that you'll be REAL pissed if he scratches your bumper! Its easy to do if only one guy tries to install it. With two guys its easier to avoid as the 2nd guy can watch to see the installer doesn't scrape any paint off the bumper.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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