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I like 2nd gereration CTS more than 3rd, am I wrong here?

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Is it just me???!!! I waited for months for the release of the new generation CTS because I was such a fan of the 2nd generation CTS. When Cadillac released photos of the third generation CTS design, I was in awe. It looked incredible....Then I saw one in person. I have to say, the design, to me, seems boring and a bit cheap. I particularly hate the black behind the grille, doesn't it look like cheap plastic back there. The rounded back end looks like a more boring version of the new cls. It also seems overly stretched and narrow to me. This is Motortrends care of the year??? WTH???

Then I read the reviews and decided I must be wrong. Every article had nothing but praise for this car, particularly when it came to its styling. Also, the performance is apparently amazing. Well this made me happy because the 2nd generation CTS was a bit slow when you compared it to something like a 535. Oh wait, so is the new CTS- 6-6.1 0-60, and that's only if you use the RWD; I have yet to see AWD numbers. So this "amazing" sports sedan is right on par with a Honda Accord V6, great. To be fair, all the praise was for the nice shifting and great handling. However, lets not forget, this is an American sports sedan. European cars have traditionally been better at handling because in America we like to punch it on the onramp and fly down open highways, not twisties in the French country-side. I do appreciate good handling but I would also appreciate decent acceleration numbers in Motortrends car of the year.

I was still convinced I was wrong and this new CTS actually looked nice. Then I saw a 2nd and 3rd generation CTS driving on the highway next to each other (both black). There was no comparison for me, the 2nd generation CTS looked bolder, younger and sized appropriately for someone under 60.

One last complaint- It annoys me that Cadillac switched their design philosophy to exactly that of the Germans. So instead of driving a Cadillac we are simply getting Cadillac's take on the 5series, EClass and A6. I very much appreciated how the CTS went in between the 3 and 5 series. The 3series always seemed too feminine and dainty while the 5series always had a 40 year old and up vibe to it. The CTS filled that void nicely, but no more.

Finally, before I am ridiculed for being so completely wrong, and I must be wrong because everyone who has reviewed this vehicle disagrees with me, I have to point this out. If this car is soooo great, why don't it's sales reflect it. The luxury marked this year is up 14 percent, yet Cadillac sales are down 5%. In the business world that is cause for major concern.

Please, tell me where I am wrong. Make me see why this car is beautiful and amazing. Otherwise I am going on the cheap and getting a 2nd generation CTS or joining the masses of D-bags and getting a 535, because I think these cars at least look good.
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i could have bouht the third gen but didnt like the styling and so i settled for a manual shift 2015 with 25k... so happy with it.... ahh maybe in 4 or 5 years i will relook at the third gen but i agree the 2nd gen is so much better.
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