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Hi Everyone!

I must be the newest Newbie here, 'cause I just signed up minutes ago. :bigroll: We'll see how long that lasts.

I just LOVE my 79 Eldorado!, (& all these too-cute smilies -- that now the Admin sez I can't use!) but I can'T DRIVE IT, (or them) because I 'paused' in tryiing to fix it. :banghead:

I took the burned-out starter :thepan: out to replace it, but the replacement was TOO heavy for me to lift & fit it back in place! :dammit:
How come some things are heavier going up than coming down? :confused:

I finally discovered :bulb: I could use my knees & thighs! :devilheh: to lift & fit the starter/solenoid up to where it/they fit. :) But now I don't know -- or remember -- where the wires go! or what connects to what?! :bang2:

Can someone :angel: draw me a picture, or send me a diagram, of how to connect the wires on a starter/solenoid? Is that too much for a Newbie to ask?

Aloha & Mahalo, (Love & Thanks)

Scofie :rose:

I'm so busy these days, could you email the diagram to my husband? [email protected]
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