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I Just Got My 2nd Escalade Stolen

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Well i just got my new (03) ext stolen from me yesterday(sunday) from a mall's parking lot.thats whay i get for driving my car huh....f'nnn bastards...lucky i didnt walk out while they were getting my beauty.cops said ho humm another escalade taken....that makes me feel better considering my fist lade was taken from dodger stadium parking lot n now my ext...i think this will be my last sick of this shit...lucky i still have my other ride,last i checked ...hummers dont get stolen,its too expensive to drive to a secluded area i advice to all...get lojack or something trackable.onstar cant track shit....the cops said the only thing onstar can do is find you an expensive dinner.
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DAMN!!! I cant imagine what insurance costs out there. It seems like you cant drive it for a week without someone taking it from you. Another member said the cops told him the reason they are popular is cause both the port, and the Mexican border are so close. So it doesnt take anything to make one disappear quick.
Sorry to hear about your second loss. Hope that it shows up. If I can remember correctly, they found your 1st Escalade on blocks, right?? I think I remember you posting pictures. Maybe I'm mistaking for another incident.
man. sorry to hear about that. That freakin' sucks. I am more worried about mine each time I read stories like this!
thanks guys......Synergetic, was old escalade was sitting on milk crates on the eradispeeds rotors.damn this sucks.....:rant2: i wish i could have caught them...even if it was to just run them off.
Sorry to hear about your Escalade getting stolen :(
Sorry about your loss PCD. Did you have an aftermarket alarm install?
That sucks bro!! Im so sorry to hear that mine was stolen last week at the West Covina mall, but I was fortunate to find it all in one piece. What mall did they steal it from?? Did you have an alarm??
ya,it had a alarm...and yes it was stolen here in sfv at the falbrook mall in woodland now lets see if it pops up in east la like last time....on that note, anyone looking for a Stillen big brake upgrade?since i cant use the one i bought.
how much? I'm in socal so i can pick up... hook me up man...aim: vietfob714 or email @ [email protected]
that sucks man....i understand how you would want to get a different escalade has been broken into so many times here in cali. I dont park it outside anymore
If mine gets stolen I hope it's never found! I wouldn't want it back after someone ripped it all apart.
thats why when my 1st escalade was recovered,i didnt want it after it was fixed and returned to me, i traded it in on my chrysler SRT8.a year later i traded that in for this if they find,fix and return the gonna get rid of me when i say it doesnt feel the same knowing these punks where pimpin/cruisin in your felt tainted to i dont know if i should get another lade.some say i shouldnt be a dumbass n get a 3rd,and i should have learned my lesson the first time.
man i feel your pain, i had my 2004 stolen twice before i upgraded to the 2007, first time just had a regular alarm, 2nd time i had lojack with early warning, by the time lojack notified me and i called the cops, my 2004 was on dummy tires in east L A, took them 1 hr to find it from the time my lojack early warning told me my ride had moved..1 hr was all they needed, in L A these guys are pro's lojack onstar dont mean crap......i dont even drive my 2007 to L A lol damm shame
Well,my lade was found in was in pretty good overall condition.the wheels were gone,the cluster was gone,the bed covers and the rear glass/partition was gone.the rest of my gear was still in my ride.worst part was there was a parking ticket from 5/ was stolen on the 5/20.didnt anyone put 2 and 2 together there?????
Man sorry to hear about this unfortunate event. I am in SOCAL too (Orange County) and this story scares the heck out of me.

I was always under the impression that Onstar would be able to track the vehicle like Lojack, but guess that is not the case.
i was thinkin the same...what a next time im gonna add a better alarm(with a true starter disable) and lojack to help out.
On star is useless, when mine was stolen the thief ripped the Onstar antenna off. I've been looking at alarms and Viper has a pretty good GPS tracking system for $10 a month. You can go online ans see where your car is at all time.
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