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2000 Eldorado
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I don't know much about the "mechanics" of cars and what not, but the one I got has 96,000 miles and seems to run fine. Are there any sort of problems I can expect to encounter, that may or may not have already happened? Thanks!

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Welcome Aboard !!!

Go up ^^^ and read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive, in the black bar.

Study this Forum and Northstar Performance as well as Technical Discussions down below.

Take your VIN to a GM dealer and have them pull the Cadillac VIS printout of the car - all GM warranty, recall, and some service info.

Go to either eBay or and get a real Factory Service Manual - Chilton's and Haynes are far too generic for any in-depth service.

Read the sticky thread at the top of the Seville/Eldorado page titled "how to pull codes" in order to learn how to use your car's built-in Diagnostic Trouble Code system. With a 2000 you have the OBD-II code system.

Look at the sticker under the spare tire cover and enter those codes into in order to find out what's built into your car.

Use 7.5 quarts of whatever 5W-30 oil you like, keep the level at halfway up the dipstick mark, no more, and a WIX 51522 oil filter. Change to a WIX air filter.

The transmission is a dry sump unit. There will be NO fluid on the stick with the engine off. Maintain the fluid at halfway up the mark, engine running warm, in P.

If you cannot absolutely, positively document a DEXCOOL change within the past 3 years, get to a dealer and have it done NOW. Later, after you learn the engine and it's likes and dislikes, you can do the change - but not this time.

Google "chevron techron", "top tier gasoline" and "cadillac forums butt plug".

Study. There's more car here than meets the eye.............
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