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I hope to get a REALLY QUICK answer to this!!

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I am about to replace the crank pulley on my 2007 CTS-V LS2, the crank i bought was the Powerbond Pulley, it is KEYED, I have read that the crank on the LS2 is NOT keyed. The directions for the Powerbond state that if your crank is NOT keyed, just sillicone seal the key slot on the Balancer. I am not interested in Keying or Pinning my crank, mainly because i dont know how to do it just yet, and I may do it in the future.
My question is, is it really just that simple to sillicone seal the key on the balancer if the crank doesnt have a key?


I have dont research for about two weeks in preparation for this, but this is the one answer I CANNOT find an answer to.
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All you're doing is sealing the keyway up so it doesn't spit oil out of it. Should work fine.
ATI says the same thing.

If you are not using a key or pin, you must fill the key slot with some high temp silicone so no oil leaks past the damper bolt washer!
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