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I Have Always Talked About My Corvette Here, Well It's Been Replaced

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You guys have always heard me mention my 2013 Grand Sport and even used it here for comparison purposes when it applied. My avatar pic has always been my corvette. Well after 7 years of ownership I had the itch for a new car, so another Corvette it is. 2019 Grand Sport is here with all the goodies, same torch red color, same two tone interior and yes a manual transmission like before.

My original one: 2013 Grand Sport

And the 2019 Grand Sport:


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Very not bad !!
We had an '04 vette in the family years ago, I drove it occasionally but I thought the ride was too harsh, it just wasn't for me. I imagine they have refined them a little since then. I took a buddy for a ride in it he started laughing when he saw the 200 on the speedo.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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