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I Have Always Talked About My Corvette Here, Well It's Been Replaced

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You guys have always heard me mention my 2013 Grand Sport and even used it here for comparison purposes when it applied. My avatar pic has always been my corvette. Well after 7 years of ownership I had the itch for a new car, so another Corvette it is. 2019 Grand Sport is here with all the goodies, same torch red color, same two tone interior and yes a manual transmission like before.

My original one: 2013 Grand Sport

And the 2019 Grand Sport:


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Get'm while you can, '19 is the last year front-engine Vette.
I'll be keeping my stuff. ;)
Classics. View attachment 573379
Yes it is and just as important to us die-hards, last year for the manual and chrome rims too boot!
Congrats Ron, she's a beaut! What prompted the change? Just wanted something new? Personally I love the classic front-engine Corvettes, they best bang for your buck performance out there, period. The C7 was the perfect culmination of that.

But the's unlike anything I've ever seen. You can now get a 500 hp, mid-engined, V8-powered supercar for $60k. It's just ridiculous.

I'm hope to be getting one of those in about 15 years when they're satisfyingly depreciated!!
Don't get me wrong I adorned my 2013, I bought it new, it only had 25k miles and it drove great. I would put it up against my new 2019 any day of the week. I was really sorry to see it go. Yea I wanted a new car, it had to be a corvette and now the deals are great on them. The MSRP was $76,330 and after all the GM rebates, dealer discounts etc..I paid $61,100. They gave me $29,000 for my car (which I had to pull teeth to get) so I paid the tax on the difference. The only problem for me on the C8, it doesn't look like a corvette no more. It could be basically any exotic coming down the street, it doesn't have the "corvette" identity. BTW thanks for the compliment, that should have been the first sentence of this post!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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