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I Have Always Talked About My Corvette Here, Well It's Been Replaced

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You guys have always heard me mention my 2013 Grand Sport and even used it here for comparison purposes when it applied. My avatar pic has always been my corvette. Well after 7 years of ownership I had the itch for a new car, so another Corvette it is. 2019 Grand Sport is here with all the goodies, same torch red color, same two tone interior and yes a manual transmission like before.

My original one: 2013 Grand Sport

And the 2019 Grand Sport:


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Get'm while you can, '19 is the last year front-engine Vette.
I'll be keeping my stuff. ;)
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" just as important to us die-hards, last year for the manual..."

Yep. I guess I'd say I'm on 'transmission lock-out' over that issue.
Just love the C8, waiting forever on the mid. Actually lost sleep after the debut, pull the trigger yes/no?
No. It will take some time to sink in. After all the hoopla, it doesn't look 'vettish' enough. No stick.

Felt the same way on the C4, no manual(Cali. 1st yr), feet don't fit, goofy big window/hatch, sales dude actually said no room for the clutch pedal. Shined it all. Just kept the '76 dd. All that 'new' looked too weird.
Then came the ZR1. A C8 is in the future...'second mouse gets the cheese'. haha

I would love to have a '19GS, loved those C4LT4GS's. That '19's a beaut. Plastico Fantastico.
Stay Safe.
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:) Many stop laughing around 3rd gear. :LOL:
I'm a little partial to the blue car, that 4cam fetish thing.

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