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I have a goal to make it into the 10s on stock boost (well stock pullies and no N2O)

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I am at 11.4 now. I am designing and developing a larger intercooler, heat exchanger, and casting a redesigned lid for the supercharger. Im thinking I may be able to squeek off some high 10s with this and a few other tweeks.
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If the new brick is less restrictive on the air side he will see gains but not .4 sec. Drumstix and I have some experience with altering the lid, shape plays less of a role there than the shape of the floor (ie blower case) you may see some boost gain in combination with the new less restricted brick.

I did hear that the brick density was designed intentionaly dense to calm the air leaving the rotors by someone who has done a lot of testing.

I by no means am trying to discourage you. Its ideas like this that need testing to help us improve what we already have in regards to our 1.9l Eatons.

Good luck and keep us posted
I plan on a larger surface area, rotating the direction of the water/charge rows, convert to a single pass vs. dual, increase fin density, round off end tanks for proper laminar air transition to runners, and many more changes
Can't wait to see it.

One thing that we found is that if you want to keep the blower noise down keep the material above the core thick on the lid. Being cast will also help you
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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