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Here in southern california..., I drive my 1997 Eldorado..,

Well, last friday, on the way home from work., I take the freeway the first 40 miles,, up to the Glendale area on the 2 Freeway and I then take mountain roads the final 35 miles of my daily trip. Which is the Angeles Crest Highway to the Angeles Forest Highway.
Well, about the last 20 miles or so of my journey., out pops a brand new Mustang Saleen, Yellow in color...., I let him get in front of me, and the racing was on...
I stayed about 250 feet behind him the whole way just in case something happened, which it does sometimes on this road.

He could not get away from me or gain any distance on all the curves.
On the straight aways, it was the same story..,
we both took it up to about 110 mph at times.,

Finally at the end of the mountains.., we were both on the straight away at the flat lands of the desert.., We both got on it off the line, it was neck and neck all the way to 105mph.. boy did this kid have a surprised look on his face..

Just nice to know that the old caddy can still hold it's own., even with a new supposedly hot car.

here is my route home each day from work...

here is where we raced...

here are the specs on the mustang saleen.. they are close to the eldorado..


Curb Weight, lb. est 3550
Weight Distribution, F/R 53/47
Fuel Capacity, gal. 15.7
Wheelbase, in. 107.1
Track, F/R 63.9/62.8
Width 74.0
Length 189.1
Height 56.0
Trunk Space, cubic ft. 12.3

Type 4.6L, 3V, SOHC V-8
Bore and Stroke 3.55 x 3.54 in.
Displacement 4.6 liters, 281 cu in.
Accessory Pulleys Saleen Underdrive Pulleys
Exhaust System Saleen Stainless, 2.5 in Variable Exhaust
Horsepower 325 bhp @ 5200 RPM
Torque 340 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM
Fuel Premium Unleaded 91 Octane

Transmission, Standard Saleen Quick Ratio 5-Speed Transmission
Transmission, Optional 5 Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic
8.8 in. Differential 3:55:1 Ratio Standard; Manual Transmission
8.8 in. Differential 3:31:1 Ratio Standard; Automatic Transmission
Saleen MaxGrip Optional

Front MacPherson strut with lower control arm; Saleen Racecraft system including N2 struts with linear-rate coil-over springs; 1.38-in. tubular stabilizer (anti-roll) bar with urethane pivot bushings; specially calibrated suspension settings
Rear Live axle located by three links plus a Panhard rod; Saleen Racecraft system including direct-acting, linear-rate coil spings and N2 shocks; 0.79-in. stabilizer (anti-roll) bar; specially calibrated suspension settings

Power 4-Wheel ABS Brakes
12.4 in. Dual Piston Vented Disc (Front) Standard
11.8 in. Disc (Rear) Standard
Saleen ABS 4-Piston Calipers
14.0 in. Slotted and Vented Disc (Front) Optional

Saleen Seven Spoke Alloy Wheels
20 in. x 9 in. Front Standard
20 in. x 9 in. Rear Standard
20 in. x 10 in. Rear Optional
High-Performance Radials
P275/35ZR20 (Front) Standard
P275/35ZR20 (Rear) Standard
High Performance Pirelli P-Zero Rosso Upgrade
P275/35ZR20 (Front) Optional
P275/40ZR20 (Rear) Optional
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