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I have read yall talking about checking all this different stuff in the computer with the cc but I couldnt find a thread that told how to do it. My car is still messing up bad as in the thread "crazy cadillacs". So with hope that curiosity would feed the cat I just started pushing buttons which could be a bad thing but this is what showed up and I would be so appreciative if some one could tell me what the hizzell it means.
First it showed my normal trouble codes: E39, E52, F11, and F12
Then I pushed the outside temp, cooler and warmer buttons I believe and it showed: F.8.5 and after I pushed it again F.80

And heres my list of the next ones:
P.3.3 58
P.3.2 236
P.3.1 75
P.3.0 0
P.2.9 varieing from 9.1 to 9.5
P.2.8 -40
P.2.7 56
P.2.6 throughout the 30s
P.2.5 42
P.2.4 5
P.2.3 99
P.2.2 100 It always showed the same as the cc.
P.2.1 95 to 102
P.2.0 3.3

Happy Halloween


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lol, those are not trouble codes.. thats just the sweetness that the OBD on these cars is!

I don't have my reference guide with me here, but they are bascially telling you whats going on with the engine...temps, speeds, levels.... all this stuff... I know P.0.8 is speed and P.0.9 is tach, P.0.7 is battery voltage etc... very cool.

Only those first you mentioned with the E is your codes.... again, I don't have my reference book here so I don't know what they are. well, E52 just means the battery has been disconnected recently.
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