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I got a stupid ????

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why cant I PM someone ,,how do I get access ?:wave:
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yeah it's a big pain in the butt starting out. i tried to accumulate 50 posts as soon as i could, but i didn't want to post dumb stuff to get there. keep truckin my friend. by the way, welcome to the forum...and like it was said before, theres some unusual drama going on right now...must be a full moon or someone is raggin' hard and needs a box of tampons.

(no offense to the ladies of the forum)
Boston.CTS said:
Smiley's count also, and posts in the cadi lounge also count..I say the cadi lounge because you can discuss anything over a matter of fact, the loung doesn't even allow cadi you reply to this post, you are 40 posts closer to PM a high five or head banging smiley wopuld be sufficient or even a thumbs up...:shhh:
so what u are saying by me saying thx for the info makes 12 post and 1 closer to 40
you guys are smoovve:cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :canttalk: :2thumbs: :dance: :contract: :yeah:

It's 50 posts. You can become a supporting member for 6mths for only $25. You get the banner under your name, a much bigger picture file and more attachments. To me it's been worth every penney for the mods and information I get.

The Lounge is a cool way to meet new people and have lengthy discussions.
Ralph "the King of posting" has over 15,000 posts!!! Over 180 in one day in a debate. So it's possible to get to 50 in a hurry!

Bob , nice ride , i was gonna get a Black CTS , My truck was black ,trying to keep it clean was a royal pain in the ass , what I do like is that I see all of you guys take pride in your cars , Taking care of each other ,,
I have a few mods I need to sell from my f150 before i start on this , So I will be asking a lot of ????
thxs Rick
TripleOught said:
thats what we're here for, my man...
Yep, a wealth of information here and guys that love to help out.:yup:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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