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A big thanks to BADAZGN! Sadly, he's leaving the world of V ownership, so he was looking to part w/ his Corsa exhaust. I had a mod'd stock exhaust, which was an improvement over the stock un-mod'd exhaust, it just didn't have enough growl for me!!!

The Corsa is FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it. BADAZGN was great to spend time with. He even installed the Corsa for me. He even strategically cut the stock exhaust so I could fit it in the car to bring it home for some lucky CTS owner to buy. ;)

Thanks again BADAZGN. Really enjoying the sound. Comment of the day... I got home and through a few revs while in the driveway. I go inside and my wife looks at me and says "Was that you?? That was loud! It sounded like a V-8." Yup, sweetie, that was me!
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