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I cannot figure out how to reset the oil life in my 94 sts!!! I've read the manual and hit RESET when I am at oil life on the DIC, and also tried hitting RESET when it says "Change oil soon." None of theses methods have proved effective. Is there something I am missing???

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Hold the reset button until it resets.
Hehe, always doing it for the lulz.

Other applicable situations:

"My car won't start! It clicks and the starter turns over, but it doesn't ever start!"

DKoz: "Just turn the key to 'start' until it starts."

"I think my traction control is broken! I kept sliding on the ice driving home tonight!"

DKoz: "Just press on the brakes until you brake."

"I'm a morbidly obese German woman and I've jumped into a polar bear pit at the zoo! What should I do?"

DKoz: "Imma eat your ass for breakfast."

:rofl: :alchi:
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