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If there isn't any indication of any water under the carpet in the front, it is probably not a flood salvage. I would first pull the weatherstrip from the pinch weld around the trunk opening. What you're looking for is any variation from one side of the vehicle to the other in texture of the metal, the look of the welds, etc... This is one indication that the vehicle may have been wrecked, and the weatherstrip is not seating properly to the underside of the deck. Does the car have a sunroof? Water in the trunk could be coming from a drainage tube that has come loose. Sunroofs are not weather tight to the roof, they have drainage tubes at all 4 corners that run down the A and the C pillars. The tubes are usually routed to the inner wheel well some where. If one of those tubes has come loose, it will direct any and all water that comes around the sunroof directly into the vehicle. If all else fails, you could always climb into the trunk with a flashlight and have a buddy spray water around the trunk lid to see if there is still water coming in. Make sure to pay special attention to any grommets filling holes that go to the outside. Also, pull the spare and make sure the floor plugs are all there.

Hope that helps!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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