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I called Cadillac about my bluetooth...

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I got the bluetooth update finally to work and I am still not pleased. Perhaps I should say the person on the other end of the phone is not pleased. It has connected 100% of the time, but it is still really hard for others to hear me. I honestly fail to see why this is so difficult to increase the volume of the mic.

I called Cadillac customer service and they are going to do an "investigation". I really don't think these people know what is going on. I told them I acted on
TSB = 05-08-126-001A. She said that TSB does not apply to my VIN. I am like WTF is wrong with you, I know what I am talking about, but I did not see any gain in fighting her.

She acted like no one had ever complained about this issue.

Again, this is not rocket science, why cannot we turn up our volume like one would do a radio!

Anyone have suggestion on what I can do?
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That's exactly what is happening with me..

I have no problem connecting, but the person on the other end keeps saying "I can barely hear you"....

After a year of experience with this problem, here are my findings and solution:

The main cause of the problem is the Microphone... It's far from the drivers mouth... It's located under the center rearview mirror...

If you notice, the more you get closer to that mic, the better you are heard...

Now, the solution for this problem is one of 2:

- Either they increase the intensity of the mic..

- or replace the one mic under the mirror with 2 mics next to each sun visor...

I also noticed that few people are having this issue... maybe that's why GM are not notified.
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You guys are lucky that you can even get the phone to connect with the STS bluetooth feature at all. I have a 2007 STS-V and I took it into the dealer for the software update which they performed. It still doesn't work. I keep getting the "connection failure" message on the screen. My 2005 STS V8 worked just fine at all times.

I called Cadillac customer service this morning to complain about the Bluetooth and the dreaded steering grinding issue that the dealer can't seem to fix. What's worse is the car has less than 1400 miles on it and it is only 3 months old.

I am waiting to see what the case manager is going to do about it. Hopefully, I can get out of this lemon of a car. I can't believe GM justifies the almost $80K price tag for this car.


I've been through this as well. What kind of phone do you have? Did you know that GM has only verified that 3 phones work with our car? The RAZR, SLVR, and Treo 700P. If you read my prior thread Which Bluetooth Phones Work, other have chimed in with their successes as well. See if someone have your phone and what their experience has been.
As I have said in prior posts, I also complained to GM about this problem. After MANY trips to the dealer I was able to get my phone working at 50% (won't mute ever with an incoming call). GM's response was what thefred said, they only certify three phones. So they send me a packet to file a complaint to the BBB. WOW I was floored. If this wasn't a lease I would be irate. I no longer work next to the dealer so I can't dump the car there every day like I used to. However, in the year and a half I did work next door, I have more than used my share of the service dept. Sad part is that of the three minor issues , bluetooth, grinding when braking and rattling in the passenger door, NONE ever got fixed.

Granted bluetooth is a complicated mess of technology, but GM and Densco should be able to figure out the basics of discovery. Good luck.
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