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1968 Deville Convertible (soon)
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I am replacing a number of parts on my DeVille. I'd prefer to give all of this to one person to minimize effort for myself :).

If you are interested please private mail me at [email protected]. I will give the parts to the first person who can take them all, on site only, in the timeframe as stated below. Serious inquries only. Courtesy, fair play, good sportsmanship, and gentlemanly conduct befitting classic Cadillac owners will be both expected and given.

First the conditions - sorry lets just get this done then we can talk about the free stuff:
1. I may be directed to change/remove this offer to comply with the rules of this forum. I'm not intentionally breaking any. Sorry if I am just let me know. I may have to change it to comply with any applicable laws, although I am not aware of any.
2. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsover, not implied or explicit. This stuff is free. I took the parts off my own car. I'm not saying they are perfect, safe, usable, pretty (they are filthy), merchantable or valuable. You WILL sign a legally binding simple person to person contract that you will agree to hold me harmless for anything that should, would, could, may or may not occur with these parts. The second you put them on your transport they are your parts. It's nice to know you, but don't bring them back.:) You are free to do with them what you want, except please dont scrap them. See below.
3. In the same contract, I, as the donor, will attest for certain that the parts are mine (you can see my clear title) and I am free to give them, there are no liens on the vehicle of any kind, and I am giving them away for no remuneration.
4. These parts would cost as much for me to make saleable and/or to ship them (if not more) than they are worth. As a result, I ascribe no net value to them. You aren't receiving anything of taxable value, and I'm not giving anything away that has either a taxable deduction/charitable value. I'm not an accountant - you should check with one if you are concerned. You can consider this a 'gift' from one individual to another. As the value of the gift will in any sense be below the federal limits for taxation of a gift between two individuals, there is no federal tax laibility to either party. There is no sales tax applicable on private sales, and no state income tax in Texas. Nothing we are exchanging is a part number that is considered an automobile or a substantial part thereof. As a result this is completely no strings attached. I'm not a lawyer, if you are concerned you should check with one.
5. I reserve the right not to deal with any individual. See Gentlemany conduct and courtesy in the first paragraph.
6. I'm not a shipper. This is a pick-up offer only. You will come with a transport and get the stuff. I have an engine hoist, so i can help you get the items into a low trailer, pirckup, or flat bed truck. I am not an olympic athelete. Bring help which is able to lift things that are heavy.
7. My motive is to keep original parts in the enthusiast community. I am not giving you these parts so you can go redeem them for cash as scrap. I will give them to either someone who may resell them or someone who needs them for their own project. I will ask you about this. Either furnish a business card or a picture of your project.
8. I am available to transfer the stuff to you from my home in the DFW area on one of the following Saturday mornings: 4/29, 5/7, 5/14 or 5/21. the parts must be gone by 5/21 to make room for incoming parts. preference will be given to whomever can take a) all of them, b) take them first and c)complies with the other conditions, not necessarily in that order.
9. Nothing that isn't explicitly listed below is free or offered, and nothing else you may see on property is offered for sale at any price. This is the list.
10. Wheh. thats enough conditions i think. Bottom line, i'm doing a nice thing here, and you taking these things off my hands helps me. These conditions are just to protect both parties.

now on to the Free Stuff

Note that all of the following is original factory equipment, that saves me from having to type that phrase regarding each part listed below.

1. Front upper and lower (right and left) suspension arms and struts, spindles, tie rods, steering drag link, idler arm, pitman arm, sway bar (no springs or front brakes).
2. Steering gear box (not the pump)
3. Original factory air conditioning and heating enclosures (those which mount to the firewall) including the blower fan, heater core and evaporator (i will look in my attic and if I still have any of the other AC components such as dryer, condensor, pump) they will be offered at the time of the exchange)
4. Starter motor
5. Valve covers (one re-finished, one as-is)
6. Rear axle housing and internals, (you will need to buy one replacement drum, these are cheap)
7. Rear axle triangulated four link and coil springs. none of the mounting bolts or nuts are available. these are common.
8. Driveshaft
9. 5 steel wheels (15 x 5 w 5x5 bolt pattern). you need to take them mounted on the current tires.
10. I believe i still have the Rochester Quadrajet carb - if so its included
11. Intake manifold (not the cylinder heads)
12. Exhaust manifolds (if you can remove them from the cylinder heads)
13. Air filter horn
14. Factory steering wheel and column

I will try to check this thread, but please consider email best way to reach me. simply private mail to my profile. I have a very busy week the next 2, so I will not be on the forum much I'm afraid. I'll check email nightly though. Once we agree on the above, we'll exchange contact information and arrange the date.

Thanks for patiently reading through this to get to the good part.
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