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I added the Agency Power braided lines today.

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And wow. Really nice pieces!

Fit absolutely perfect, look amazing and most importantly perform beautiful.

I have had these for a year in my trunk and finally got a chance to install them, I did the full set.

I paired them with brembo P09004N pads up front while I was in there.

Really nice pads, zero fade while bedding them and very responsive, even when cold. Time will tell if the hp2000 compound will dust less than stock, but very pleased with the new pads.

I'll be replacing all 4 rotors and rear pads next month when I do heads and cam.

And here is a link to the sale they have. I really wish they were this inexpensive when I bought mine.



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Good to know your satisfied. I just recently purchased their full set on sale. Haven't installed yet but quality looks good. Gotta get them on pronto.
BTW I haven't searched yet but is bleeding them just as easy as any other vehicle or anything different with the V?
Can it be done without the tech 2? I'm looking into getting a knock off for stuff like this.

Can you explain what you mean by my mileage varying?
Thanks for the reply guys.

I plan on getting a tech 2 clone anyway as I currently have a "service stability control" message popping up every time. I was going to ask a friend of a friend who has a real tech 2 to read the code but from what I have read so far on here about how good the clones are I'm just going to a get one for myself.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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