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"hybrid" nav disc - brazil

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We imported a '10 Escalade from the US and so far we've been unable to use the car's navigation b/c GM does not carry the dvd containing maps of Brazil for the system. I even tried to create a "hybrid" disc my replacing the ALLDATA and INDEXDAT and IDX folder with data of Brazil from a Land Rover disc and readding the other files from the original disc, but when I insert it in the system, it keeps saying repeatedly that "the disc is not a nav disc". Is there any way I could create this "hybrid disc"?? Is there any way I doulc "unlock" the system and allow it to run a Land rover dvd??

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Hello there ... I'm in the same situation, were you able to create the hybrid disc and use it here?

(hehe conseguiu achar algum mapa que dê pra usar aqui no Brasil? estou quase comprando aquele chicote que desbloqueia as funções do gps/dvd mas queria antes saber se tem algum mapa que dá pra usar. já procurei em várias lojas de som e nenhuma tem. obrigado, abs...)
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