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2010 CTS-V Sedan
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Hey guys, first off I am totally new to this forum having just registered last night, so forgive me if my question/thoughts have been answered 1000 times already...But my question is for anyone
that has done a Heat Exchanger upgrade and also upgraded their intercooler pump to the ZL1 pump or equivalent higher output pump, what were your actual daily driving results? Assuming who
ever did these mods has a way of monitoring their IAT2's, such as the Aeroforce gauge. As of now, I have a factory HX and pump, with a 2.55 upper pulley. Other mods are just basic bolt-ons such as cat-back, Airaid intake, and a street tune to compensate for the pulley. My current IAT2's on a 65`day with a 20-120mph run will hit about 125`-130` and fall to about 100` within a minute or
two once the run is over and cruising speeds are present. They usually hang out around 90`- 100` with normal driving. I'm looking to compare these numbers with other's to see if anyone who is
running a similar setup is experiencing similar results? And if someone did upgrade the cooling system for the blower, is it enough of a difference to really make it worth the purchase? Thanks for
any and all feedback.
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