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I have a 2005 sts and have two things happening with the hvac system. For those of you with sts's in cold climates--when you have heat selected, either in auto or manually select the floor outlets-do you get warm air coming out of the drivers side vent also. On mine warm air blows out of this vent and none of the other vents on the dash-strange for heat. The second is--do you get cold air in your console-on mine if you touch the console it is freezing and if you open the cover to the cupholders you can feel ice cold air flowing out the hole. Any help would be appreciated before I take in to the dealer--Thanks!
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The "side-face bleed" is an intentional feature for winter time. You'll notice that it also comes out of the far right face vent. The idea is that during winter, if desired, you can aim that vents to the side windows for better defogging. If you don't like it (too stuffy), you can just shut it off with the dial.

I've never heard of the console air thing. I'll look for it on my drive home tonight.
Thanks for the info--haven't had anyone in the passenger seat to check the right vent since I noticed this--makes good sense though.
No problem.

On my drive home last night, I didn't notice any cold air in the cupholder/console area at all. In fact, it seemed very warm there. (maybe exhaust heat?)

Merry Christmas!
ok--thanks for the info.

Merry Christmas!
I experienced the same things. About the cold air in the console -- when I checked the back seat air conditioning vents (right behind the console) they were turned on full cold. I readjusted the temp, and no more cold air.
did that too--thanks for the info laura
I have my rear system set on max hot, so maybe that's why I feel heat from the cupholder area (my iPod was getting pretty warm/hot sitting in the left cupholder spot this past week). Maybe some minor leakage from the rear foot ducts? I'm not sure if they are under the console in that area or more under the seats.
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