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HUD Installed

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How can I tell if a HUD is installed when a dealer uses a standard description that doesn't include all features? I'm looking at pictures online, and most cars seem to have something where the HUD controls would be--is there something that goes there regardless of the options, or are all these cars HUD equipped.

Please excuse me if this is a double post... I've searched and found nothing definitive.
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The trip computer controls are here, as well as dash lighting.

if it is a GM dealer they should be able to give you a full spec sheet from the VIN
You can easily tell if you look at the dash board in front of the drivers side and see a 5X5 black square inbedded into the top of the drivers side dashboard
HUD isn't available without ACC, so if the Caddy emblem is a black plastic disk, it has it.
TUPilot, Angus described it perfectly. I have HUD on my 08, but I do not have ACC.
I stand corrected. Too bad, ACC is the greatest.
I gotta get this ACC thing fixed, I have yet to ever use it and see it work
I appreciate the quick replies. How many STS's have the HUD installed? Its a very attractive feature to me, but I never see it advertised. Is it rare, or do people just not promote it?
I think lots of sellers don't even know it's there!

When I bought mine (used) the brightness was turned all the way down (off really) and the dealer didn't realize it was there until I told him (AFTER I purchased) ;)

I don't think it is a common feature in All STSs because they're So Many different levels of the car. That is, V6 Basic STSs are NOTHING Like a V8 1SG as far as luxury & features (GM advertised and sold a lot cheap cars to compete). On the High-End versions it's NOT uncommon, just "overall" if you're looking at the entire STS line it might be.

The good news is, when buying used, YOU can buy these loaded-up, 1SG, cars for 3-5K over a Basic car and that buys you the 20K worth of options :)

I NEVER imagined how GREAT the HUD/ACC were going to be. On a long trip, going somewhere you've never been before, the ACC set to a high speed coupled with the Nav instructions in the HUD is simple WONDERFUL! :)

Good Luck, wait for the right car to become available - you won't be sorry.....
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BaTu - You've pegged it. Essentially, I shopped looking for ACC.

Mercedes, when you can find one, are finicky. I won't own an I-drive. My Jag dealer is a jerk. Lexas are more isolated that my Roadmaster. Infiniti almost got me, but the $ were high. Toyota was bland. The other Caddy's paled against the STS.

I'm so happy I got my 2006. I'd driven N*'s before. I wanted AWD, too. I got a mine coming off a three-year-lease CPO for 1/3 of sticker. I would have prefered red but once I detail my black STS, I'm confident it will glow.

If there's a secret to buying a STS, it's to decide what you want and then be patient. There are great deals coming up every day.
Thanks again for the replies. I'm oscilating between an STS and a Mercedes E320 CDI right now. STS has more performance and suspension seems a bit smoother, the Mercedes has a smoother transmission and the interior seems a bit more to my liking. Of course, the STS I test drove (the only one I've found so far) was at over 66,000 miles, the E320 was half that. I'd want lower mileage on an STS anyway (and a HUD--my friend has a Pontiac and raves about the HUD, hence the topic!).

Looking at the higher end STS models (V8s), how much gas mileage do you loose? Do any STS models have cylinder deactivation to reduce fuel burn? The 37mpg on the E320 is quite nice, but I'm worried I'd make up the savings in expensive parts!
You won't see 30MPG in a STS unless you drive 55MPH. The V-8's get about the same mileage as the V-6's according to most posts. My 2006 AWD V8 isn't nearly as efficient as my wife's 2007 RWD V8. We took a driving vacation in her car and got 25MPG on a tank that was mostly 80MPH Interstate driving.

You'll spend a lot more on a Mercedes but if that's what you prefer, that's what you should get. Used Caddies are a bargin. If you do go with an STS, test drive it thoroughly and make sure it has everything you want. There are a lot of differences between trim levels.
The direct injection V6 will easily get 30 + on the highway. It's power and fuel economy is behind the cancellation of the Northstar which hasn't been updated for years now. The next step is "homogeneous" combustion which will be a compression ignition gasoline engine.
The direct injection V6 will easily get 30 + on the highway. It's power and fuel economy is behind the cancellation of the Northstar which hasn't been updated for years now. The next step is "homogeneous" combustion which will be a compression ignition gasoline engine.
I'm not saying it's not possible. But no one has reported 30 MPG here in real-world conditions.

In fact, the older V6 was worse than the V8 in some situations. Even the DI V6 has to work harder in this 5,000 lb. car to get similar peformance.

There is no replacement for displacement. The N* sounds great!

I couldn't care less about mileage.

Like many others, it's my choice.:duck:
It is a matter of choice. I've always loved the Northstar and have had several of them, but the old girl is dead. I've driven many miles in a CTS wagon and it is a bit lighter than an STS but not by much. It has over 300hp and has its own sweet sound and 30mpg+. My STS is a pre-direct injection and at 80 mph it stays at 28.5 to 29 on trips to and back the west coast.


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In regards to the Mercedes option, remember that Mercedes is second from last for a number of years running on many consumer reliability lists. HORRIBLE reliability. And, at least for another year or so, there are many more Cadillac dealers out there. Not sure this thread spun from HUD to MB vs. STS vs. CTS vs. Lexus and on and on and on, but now you've got my two cents.
Before an admin closes this meandering thread completely, I'd like to share thanks for the nice pic's of the wagon. I'd love to see the coupe. I'll go troll the CTS area!
I guess it is my fault for making a meandering thread. I suppose I should start something a bit more generic for some of my other "new to the STS" type questions.

Thanks for all the help so far!
What all does the STS HUD show? Navi, Speed, doesn't it also display radio data as well?
Dang misleading thread title :(
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