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Re: Hub caps

There are a couple designs for these hubcap locks:
1. An anti-theft "bolt", approx. 1/2" in diameter that screws into a female hold-down attached to two or three lugnuts.
2. An anti-theft "nut", approx. 1" in diameter that screws onto a male hod-down attached to two or three lugnuts.
The tool for the "bolts" is approx. 1/2"-5/8" in diameter, and the one for the "nuts" is approx. 1" in diameter. They DO look like a deep socket with a handle attached. Both the "nut" and "bolt" type are color-coded. There is a letter stamped into the edge of the nuts that identifies the color code along with them being painted that color. The bolt type are just painted and have no stamping as I recall. Both CAN be removed with a good pair of large needle-nose Vise-Grips if necessary but you SHOULD be able to obtain the actual "key" (removal tool) at a junk yard. There are also "universal" retainer kits available from aftermarket companies such as Becker Hubcaps. The OEM retainers were made by "Norris Industries" as I recall, you may also be able to buy them direct still.
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