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HT4100 v8 frd eldorado

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I would like to know what "TRANSVERSE" means. I see some engines say not TRANSVERSE. Don't have a clue. My car needs a engine. Or maybe bottom half rebuilt. Shelled ot a rod bearing. Problem, I don't have any motor experience. Lots of computer experience, but no motor. Another question also. What they mean by radiator tablets. Thought olny thing goes in radiator is antifreeze.
I have a 1984 Eldoada 4.1 v8 FWD, car is in good shape.:)
Thank You
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Transverse means mounted sideways, like 95% of car engines are these days. Cadillac was the only company in the world mounting V-8 engines transversely starting in the mid-80s.

However, your Eldo does not have a transverse engine. It's a traditional mounting, also called 'longitudinal.'

The radiator tablets are a sealer/supplement available at any GM dealer. They come in a blister pack of 4 or 6, depending on the application. Essentially it's Bars Leak Gold Seal Powder in a pill form, which you crush and put in the radiator each time you change the coolant. It's an essential maintenance item for all 4.x engines.
noahsdad is right. If you have the big 79-85 Eldorado (you said an 84), you have a longitudinally mounted engine (i.e. the engine sits with its ends facing the firewall and the radiator; a transverse engine has its ends facing the fenders).

Those pellets are also a necessity on these engines.

Thank you very much for the fast replys.
You may just want to go with a long block engine replacement depending on how much of an adventure you want to go on. A long block can be had for about $2000 and what you do is remove your engine, put the valve covers, oil pan, distributer, wires, plugs from your engine on it and put it in. I'm simplifying-some go on after the new engine is in but you get the idea. This has the advantage of being relatively simple compared with trying to swap another size engine. Another thing-they fixed a lot of little problems over the years so the new engines are more powerfull, smoother and longer lasting in the 4.1 size.(I sound like a commercial) Beware that the oil cooler lines are no longer made and have to be fabricated if yours are worn or damaged. Truck repair places or anybody that deals with hydraullic lines can handle fabrication of these. Take them your old ones. They go from the radiator to the oil filter bracket on the engine. Your radiator is an oil cooler, a trans cooler and a water cooler.(Seperate compartments) there is a separate condenser for the AC.
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