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Hi! I'm from hungary with a HT4100 Seville from 1987. My car is broken down today with a very high temp at the engine.

This vas a "long" peroid, three months ago, from a day to tomorrow my temp from 60-90° celsius is rised up to stable 106-112°. I dont really matter cause the temperature is reached the 106° faster(altogether in 1min) than before, and my economy was better with this way. But now, I went constant 50mph, and the water is blowed up to 125°, I stopped the car immediatelly. Wait a bit, and go again, I only can go a half mile, and it blowed up again.

The water is runned out... OK! I filled it up, and blowed up again and now it pushed out the water from the cooling reservoir. Last time, i filled up again...
I looked the two pipes from and to the cooling radiator. and i felt that all two are cold, but the computer shows that the engine is at 90°. I unscrewed the upper pipe, and start the engine, i waited to the beginning of circulate... but nothing happened, just the engine is blowed up. The termostat is ok, cause i can circulate the water with a big breath:D but thats all.

I think the two way of the problem what is possible: The Water pump is gone, or the cooling system is airy. If its airy, than where can i, or how to make it work?

sry for my english.
Thank you: Robert
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