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Hey All,

Just bought a '93 black on black Eldo, 127k on it - interior is excellent, exterior needs a little buffing and it seems to run pretty well so far. I bought a new '01 STS in late 2000 (company car, perks of owning your own business i guess), but after 9/11 things got tight and I ended up getting rid of it last June (if anyone needs a good network guy, i'm your man :cool: ). I have always wanted a caddie, particularly an Eldorado (the STS was more practical, if you can call a cadillac practical). Once i got rid of it i had to have another one. It's going to need a little work (suspension and probably a water pump in the near future) but it will keep me a hell of a lot warmer this winter than the RoadKing.

At any rate - just wanted to say what a great site you have here. there seems to be a lot of knowledge hanging around and everyone seems very respectfuland friendly, even when answering questions that have been asked serveral times before.

Anyway - i will stop yammering :crybaby:. Thanks for the great Cadillac resource.

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Hey mattakat - Welcome to the CadillacForums! Thanks for the kind words - we *do* have an awesome Community here with lots of information and some pretty cool members. Congratulations on the Eldorado - nice car especially in black. Let us know if you have any questions - in the meantime enjoy the Board!
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