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I'm already impressed with the direction Cadillac has taken in the last five years. I wouldn't change a thing. You're dealing with a dinosaur, and they move slowly, so to expect overnight changes in performance or quality control is not realistic. They have to take it one year at a time and try to make a little improvement in every area each year.

The changes and money should go to advertising, in which they've already made tremendous improvements. Cadillac needs to take the lead in making ownership of American cars "cool". Led Zeppelin goes a lot farther than people realize.

Perception becomes reality. If Cadillac continues to be perceived as an "old man's car" that's all they'll get. To grow sales, you have to hold on to that base, while at the same time appealing to the younger crowd. The Escalade and CTS fill that need. The new Seville will get the under-50 crowd interested again.

Here's a nice little article about the Caddy dealership I visited last week:,1426,MCA_440_2120354,00.html
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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