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HotRodSaint said:
You've just been promoted to the division head for the Cadillac brand. GM is willing to give you free reign and an open pocket book to improve Cadillac. But you need to submit a proposal for the board to approve. So what changes would you make and why?

1. We are the board. You need to sell ALL of us.
2. Posting 'I'd make the Cadillac Sixteen' is not a business plan. How would that improve the whole brand?
3. Bashing/praising the past isn't a business plan. How are you going to keep Acura/Audi/BMW/Infiniti/Lexus/Lincoln/Mercedes and yes, the upcoming resurgent Chrysler, from taking your customers away in the future?
I'd yank the franchise from dealers equiping cars with super padded tops, gold badges, stainless stick-ons and Vogue tires. If owners want those things, they are available in the aftermaket, but they shouldn't be in the showroom. I'm really serious...right or wrong, cars equiped that way are a major turn-off for the customers Caddy now wants to acquire. That's why some folks won't be caught dead in a Caddy dealership. Some people may like the old look, but Caddy will die with them if they don't develop new customers. Hope I didn't offend anyone. :eek:
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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