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sx54dx great write up and video man! I did this swap on my V. How are the switchback LED's from ijdmtoy holding up for you? One of mine started a constant blink on the DT running light (white) after 15-20 min of use! The controler inside the bulb was over heating or something.... worst part when i went through all the trouble to take it back out, the heatsink had separtated from the plastic bulb socket part!! :/ I was pretty pissed about that. They have already had to replace a backup bulb due to very low output out of the package and didn't send me my whole order the first time (which i just discovered). I like the products they offer but damn, i must be the only one having horrible luck with them. They appear to be doing a good job of rectifying the problems so far though I'll give them that.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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