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'93 SedanDeville 60 Special
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Hi Guys
did a search here but could not find.
A/C compressor is shot and need to replace it
I bought a new one, also has a new drier, 8 oz of oil and some orifice filter

1. What is best way to replace the compressor, I took the splash pan off but barely can see ]
the compressor ?
2. Where is this orifice to replace go, where is it located
3. How much freon is needed like 38 ounces ?
4. to vacate system at what pressure is needed if using an air compressor ( connected to a tool where
vacuum is created) and for how long ?
5. do I put the whole 8 ounces of oil in compressor and if so how to prevent oil coming out when installing
6. Is there any sensors on back end of compressor

Thanks for any help
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