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how to remove speakers?

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how do you remove the factory stereo speakers in the doors and the rear speakers in a 1997 seville sls

i unscrewed the 4 plastic screws in the trunk that holds the liner that hides the fuse box and the bottom of the rear speakers and the back of the back seat :bigroll: but I didnt see any bolts holding the rear speakers so im guessing the speakers unbolt or unscrew from inside of the car by the back window...but how do I get to them??

and how do I get the speakers out of the front doors, ive tried taking out the window switch plate but I didnt see any bolts and I dont want to start prying the door panel off then I might break a tab or something....

thanks for any help!
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i am not sure about the doors on a seville i have an 97 eldo however the rear deck removal is the same in both. you have to remove the rear seat 1st by pushing the buttom cushion towards the trunk that should unhook it from the car then you pull it out. then you remove two bolts that are now exposed to remove the top part of the seat, then youll see two push pins remove them and the rear deck carpet comes out. then pry the speakers out by the clips and there you go.
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