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How to remove Deville door panel

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To remove the front door panel, remove the plastic surround from the inside door handle. It contains the seat switches and door lock switch. It is held in place by four pressure clips, so you should be able to pull straight out. Remove the wires to the switches. Next remove the window switches by inserting a small, flat screwdriver under the forward end by the window lockout switch. Carefully pry upward. Remove the wires if you want to make removing the panel easier.
The triangular panel on the inside of the rearview mirror will need to be carefully pulled inward but NOT REMOVED. You might be able to do this with just your hand. Remove the white/red marker/courtesy light at the back side of the door panel. A small flat screw driver at the back side should release it. Remove the wire. There are two phillips screws that need to be removed. One is in the opening where the window switch panel was, the other is behind where the red/white light was. After those two are removed, grasp the door pull handle and pull STRAIGHT UP. Don’t try to pull inward.
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I need to do 1 window on a Taurus and 2 more on 2 lesabres. Eventually, I will get good after this.
Im new to this forum. I am trying to get my rear left door panel of so I can see what caused the rear window to come half way down and wont go up. I am thinking the straps on the motor broke. It is a 2001.

Thanks for any help.

Just to clarify. I also have a '97 Deville which has a bad window switch. It sounds like the entire window switch assembly can be gently pried out with a small screwdriver. Am I correct? I love my caddy and don't want to damage it. Thanks!
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