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1996 Cadillac Seville STS (167k)
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This post is a step by step procedure on how to remove and install your fuel injectors on Cadillac Northstars this was done on a '96 N*

1. remove the negative battery cable. (red)
2. take off beauty cover, (big plastic grey cover that has 4 nuts)
3. relieve the fuel system pressure.
4. remove the front four spark plug wires (easier to work on injectors)
5. remove fuel pressure regular connector to fuel rail (rubber mouth)
6. remove any other hoses that are in the way, there are two others that i removed to make room for working, one connected to the oil cap and the other was in the back of the engine both connections for these two hoses connected near the air intake mount
7. remove the injector electrical connector (i believe there is a clip that you pry off with a flat head screw driver)
8. take off bolt/washer giving fuel rail better support (by EGR and intake area)
9. pull up on the fuel rail, all 8 fuel injectors will pop out of the intake manifold
10. spread the injector retainer clip to release injector from fuel rail.
11. pull injector(s) out of fuel rail (they can be difficult, just twist and turn and pull and they should loosen them up)

Install procedure

1. lubricate the new upper and lower injector O-rings with clean engine oil and shove injector back into fuel rail. (again twist and turn and pushing up into the rail hole, I found works the best)
* ensure injectors are aligned by orientating electrical connector perpendicular to crankshaft
* push in far enough to engage the retainer clip with machined slots on rail socket
2. Install the new retainer clip onto injector
3. Snap the fuel rail down onto intake manifold
4. put back on nut/washer to put more pressure on fuel rail
5. Install the injector electrical connector
6. snap back on clip to hold electrical connector in place
7. Install the two tubes/hoses that were removed earlier
8. plug wires back into front four holes
9. put back on nut/washer to put more pressure on fuel rail
10.1 turn the ignition switch to On position for 2 seconds
10.2 turn the ignition switch OFF for 10 seconds
10.3 Turn the ignition switch ON
10.4 Check for fuel leaks
11. Install the beauty cover
12. Install the negative batter cable
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