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"ABS ID 8111" is a module serial number or ID. It is not a fault (DTC) code.

As Ranger posted, go ahead and clear the codes - then begin to keep a weekly log of what comes up. C or H. If a fault (or hiccup) is sensed it will set a C code, then if that particular fault does not occur for 3 drive cycles the code changes to H, and then self-clears after 40 clean drive cycles. (40 drive cycles was set as a typical commuter/shopper weekly routine: start, warmup, drive, stabilize, shut down.)

If you live in an emissions test area, do not reset codes within a few weeks of a scheduled test: the car needs to settle the systems down and set a "system ready" signal which the emissions test set detects. If the test set sees a "not ready" code, you fail the emissions test and have to come back after two or so weeks.
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